Welcome to OROWS!

Welcome to the OROWS blog!

At this point, we are still a dream, an idea looking to incubate and find its way into a few hearts that will bring it to life.

Please read https://orows.org/manifesto and contact us (call/text Mihai at 415.527.9541) if you’d like to help!

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  1. Hello Mihai and OROWS crew,
    I’m wondering what has transpired since your manifesto? I’m curious where you are in your journey?

    I am an educated, credentialed multiple subject teacher of 20 years in Nevada County and have taken the opportunity to contract out in schools with teaching Social Emotional Intelligence through the Arts, with Improvisation, poetry & spoken word, and avenues of self expression, nature-bound learning, and self-empowerment.

    If you are seeking educators to explore these topics and passions, I’m manifesting my schedule for the Fall and would be interested in connecting to see if our needs & desires serve one another.

    Be well & hope to connect,
    Kimberly Ewing

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